What does Sponsorship mean

Sponsorship means a person, a church or a group or trust that provides a care assurance to a desperate child. The sponsorship effects to build up a child or a person in the physical, social and spiritual development. A sponsorer is an integral part of our work. We are ever grateful to as such personalities.Every sponsorship gift goes to provide meals, education, and medical care as needed, & a safe place to live. Sponsorer can send gifts anything useful. A sponsorer should continue his/her support until a child has completed his/her schooling or even collage. Discontinue in the sponsorship may cause a child’s future in damn, danger & the dream future may come to an end immediately.

Remember the poor

Who are these children: The children come from the families who are under privileged and below the poverty line. The parents are either beggars or laborers who only live with daily wages they earn. If there is no work for that particular day, then either they will not have food or they need to wait another day to work and have something to eat. DREAM India is able to care for around handful of children and there are many more children who are just able to wish they could have this privilege of access into our home, but cannot because the church here is limited by its resources and on providence of support. But many more as such children can be taken care of and be given education and fed well if you take one step forward with all kindness. Please contact us for more information.


DREAM INDIA works with a Board of management in Orissa, India. Sunny who oversee the overall projects & keeps in regular contact with each children and staff by personal visit. DREAM INDIA is registered under trust act under the Orissa government. Monthly transaction is thoroughly maintained and annual audit is prepared and submitted to the government of India. Yet we are available to give a clear conscience explanation about the finance to all the sponsorer.