About Sunny

Sunny is an excellent man with leadership qualities to lead the people of the Trust to achieve its, goals to serve the people of India physically & spiritually. He is a friendly humble, generous, kind, soft-spoken, gentle, sincere & honest man. He would really love to get along & share with you. You can contact us to contact him. Hope you enjoy his fellowship.

Sunny is married to Geetanjali (KUNI). They have two sons Jack & Jimmy. Kuni is totally dedicated/committed to serve the lord through educating children and train them such a way that they will learn to fear of the lord which is the beginning of wisdom, and give the children maximum education. She works as the head of the staff in The Emmanuel English Medium School run by DREAM India. She is doing really an excellent job in the School. Sunny & his wife Kuni have dedicated their children for God’s service & growing them and training them to see them in the ministries. It means the entire family is called to serve the master & people of his creation. Praise the lord.