Delivering Rational Evolution And Magnanimous India (DREAM India) is an Indigenous non-profit, non-denominational charitable trust established in Orissa in 2012 with a Vision to “reach out the unreached & to uplift the oppressed, helpless children all over India. DREAM India was found by Sandesh Kumar Raulo (Sunny) DREAM India is a mission, a mission to up lift the under privilege people of India, mainly the women & little children regardless of its caste, creed & religion. DREAM India works for underprivileged children, poor and widows single mothers here in India. DREAM India also is committed to take the messages of salvation and the love of God to the people of India as obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


DREAM India has vision for a new generation in India where there is love, joy & peace and & all fruits that are mentioned in Galatians 5; 22-33 & that knows Christ. We seek to shape the nation’s generation next through the truth of God’s Word and reach the future by touching young lives with the love of God and bring a pure transformation in the local church and make servant hood leaders who will be willing to serve the people of God on earth. Emphasis on spiritual transformations followed by physical needs to live peacefully with all gladness as long as on earth.


The children help their parents by helping collecting stones, selling country liquor, selling something home made in weekly market & etc. Some kids’ fathers make stone cheeps {which is a material to construct road}, some kids fathers collect some kind of fruits which is a materials for making country liquor. Some children have no fathers where as some have no mothers. Not all are orphan but many are semi-orphan & poor from tribal back ground.

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